So why Empathy? Is it a fad? 

We can agree that on the world’s stage, academic success is key for America’s youth in all areas of innovation.  However, if they lack empathy, will they be effective local, national, and global citizens?  We believe that the best education provides youth not only with the academic skills they need to be successful, but also the social tools needed to navigate this world.  

  • An education in empathy shows students that seeing the world through another's eyes is essential to personal growth.

  • To practice and experience walking in another’s shoes demonstrates the importance of shedding at-risk behaviors in order to help others.  

  • When empowered to find empathy opportunities students will build self-worth by contributing to a cause greater than themselves.   

This is why empathy. Students are our future, and they will only be as empathetic as we teach them to be.